Thursday 23 November 2017

Welcome to Wahgwan Industry Limited's blog!

After the better part of a year's worth of hard work, plus Thanksgiving in the US, it is time I launch this blog.

I'd really like this blog to provide some insight in what this company stands for and our goings-on rather than just a vehicle for search engine optimisation and buzzwords. For the record, I don't care about the latter two items as much as being able to solve problems and educate folks on all the behind-the-scenes in computing technology. The crazier the problem, the better. The simpler the solution, the better.

Every so often I'll post something about the computing technology industry that might be interesting to me but also to those stuck in a technical rut or looking to achieve particular goals. Part of why I started this company is to continue providing unbiased insights into technical problem solving in a variety of different venues and circumstances; this blog will showcase what goes behind the scenes in making your piece of technology work or not. There will be examinations into user experience, compatibility with older components, comparisons with seemingly unrelated facets of life and even the occasional dream about technical problem solving.

And even though it's Thanksgiving in the US, the work never stops. The research on new methods or technologies to better solve your problems and achieve your goals never stops. Shout-out to CJ over at LinuxForce whom not only am I working on a project for, but also inspired me to start this company and provided much of the initial guidance to get it going.